Earthquake Nepal

The people of Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, have been hit by devastating earthquakes and aftershocks: nearly 9,000 people were killed over 22,000 injured, and hundreds of thousands have fled their homes and are living in make-shift tents.

Although the humanitarian situation has improved over the past months, providing those affected with shelter, water and sanitation, livelihood support still remains paramount.

With all that has happened to these amazing people, they have remained positive, have never asked for money but keep asking for more and more work to enable them to rebuild all they have lost.

Bearing this in mind, Leopards & Roses are running a program through Spring 2016. 

Getting Nepal back to work … all items of clothing sent out for the Spring 2016 will come with a hang tag reminding customers of the devastation the Nepalese have faced.

We appreciate all the warmth and concern we have had during this appalling time and thank all our wonderful customers for their support.