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Leopards and Roses is proud of our  Nepal Child Education Program. All children are drawn from families where at least one parent works in Factories that manufacture for Leopards & Roses.  They must be young enough to benefit from a full education and the family must be committed to seeing their child’s education through to completion. The chosen schools provide top level tutoring.  Armed with this kind of education the children will have every opportunity available to them upon graduation and even better, the capacity to give back to their community.

The Child Education Program could not be possible without the help from all our wonderful customers throughout Canada. A huge thank you goes out to all of Leopards & Roses’ customers who contributed to the program through their continued support.

Our goal is to grow the Child Education Program to sponsor more children with each successful year.

Bishnu Chalise - Entered the program at the age of 7 in 2010 at Little Buddha Academy


He lives with his mother in a one room apartment after being abandoned by his father.  She only brings in 4000 rupees a month working in a bag factory, which is equivalent to $50 Canadian dollars.  This kind of wage barely puts food on the table so education for her child is minimal or near impossible without the Child Education Program.  Bishnu is bright child with a kind soul and is looking forward to school.

This is Bishnu today we are very proud of this young man. He wants to become a computer technician. He loves history, science and soccer.

Kripa Dawadi  - Entered the program at the age of 5 in 2010 at Neel Geri.
At age 10 she moved to The Excelsior School after a rigorous entry exam.

“Kripa is a bright, alert, happy child and this opportunity will give her an education that neither myself nor her mother received”, expressed her father. .  Education for women in rural communities is key to change.  Most women in these communities are considered a lesser being and are treated unfairly when it comes to education, employment and the law.  This is Kripa’s chance to arm herself with knowledge and in the future make the changes necessary to bring equality to women living in Nepal.


Aarati Gurung Entered the program at the age of 6 in 2016 at Little Blossom School.

Her father works in one of our Factories doing all the checking of product and is so appreciative of the help she is receiving. He is such a gentle spoken man and we are really glad to be able to help.


Prisha Sedhain   Our newest addition entered the program at the age of 6 in 2017 at St Marys School.
This very bright little girl went through a lot of testing and was accepted to the top school in Kathmandu. This is a very prestigious school with a very good reputation.
Anne works closely with her mother and is very please to be able to assist with Prishas education.