Giving back

Giving Back

Leopards and Roses is proud to announce, in collaboration with Knit Wear Nepal, The Child Education Program.  With part of the proceeds from the sales of the 2010 collection Leopards & Roses is able to sponsor Krishna and Kripa’s education from first grade to graduation.  Both children will be enrolled into Nightingale Private School.  Leopards & Roses has opted to support a private education for the children as the tutoring is top level compared to the public school system’s which leaves a lot to be desired.  That means these children will have every opportunity available to them upon graduation and even better, the capacity to give back to their communities keeping the economy growing. 

Krishna is a 7 year old boy ready start school.  He lives with his mother in a one room apartment after being abandoned by his father.  She only brings in 4000 rupees a month working in a bag factory, which is equivalent to $50 Canadian dollars.  This kind of wage barely puts food on the table so education for her child is minimal or near impossible without the Child Education Program.  Krishna is bright with a kind soul and is looking forward to school.  “I was expecting a scholarship to a government school.  A private school was way beyond my vision for my son”, said Krishna’s mother. 

Kripa is only 5 years old and has already been chosen for the Child Education Program.  Her keenness and curiosity has propelled her to the front line of the program.  Education for women in rural communities is key to change.  Most women in these communities are considered a lesser being and are treated unfairly when it comes to education, employment and the law.  This is Kripa’s chance to arm herself with knowledge and in the future make the changes necessary to bring equality to women living in Nepal.  “Kripa is a bright, alert, happy child and this opportunity will give her an education that neither myself nor her mother received”, expressed her father. 

Leopards & Roses is delighted to sponsor Krishna and Kripa and looks forward to following their development. 

The Child Education Program could not be possible without the help from Kristina Rajthala at Knit Wear Nepal and all our wonderful customers throughout Canada.  Kristina is the person responsible for qualifying candidates and determining, together with Leopards & Roses, who receives sponsorship.   Each candidate must be living in a rural community and at poverty level.  They must be young enough to benefit from a full education and the family must be committed to seeing their child’s education through to completion.

Kristina is the daughter of Sunny Rajthala, owners of one of Nepal’s successful factories employing over 100 people.  She considers herself to have a privileged life and understands the importance of passing blessings forward.  Her devotion to this cause is relentless and we, at Leopards & Roses, consider her to be one of the few women in Nepal making a difference. 

It is a difficult task selecting from the candidates as all children are deserving.  That is why it is our goal to grow the Child Education Program to sponsor more children with each successful year. 

A huge thank you goes out to all of Leopards & Roses’ customers who contributed to the program through their business support.