Giving Back

Leopards and Roses is proud to announce a new addition to our Nepal Child Education Program. With part of the proceeds from the sales of the 2014 collection Leopards & Roses is now able to continue to sponsor Bishnu Chalise age 12 currently and for the last 5yrs at Little Buddhas’ Academy, Kripa’ Dawadi age 10, we have moved to The Excelsior School, and  we have a new addition , little Arati Gurung, age 6, at Little Blossom Public School where she is flourishing. At these schools they will receive top level tutoring.  Armed with this kind of education Bishnu, Kripa and Aarati will have every opportunity available to them upon graduation and even better, the capacity to give back to their community.

The Child Education Program could not be possible without the help from all our wonderful customers throughout Canada, and Krishna, the person responsible for qualifying candidates and determining, together with Leopards & Roses, who receives sponsorship.   Each candidate must be living in a rural community and at poverty level.  They must be young enough to benefit from a full education and the family must be committed to seeing their child’s education through to completion. All children are drawn from families where at least one parent works in Factories that manufacture for Leopards & Roses.  

It is a difficult task selecting from the candidates as all children are deserving.  That is why it is our goal to grow the Child Education Program to sponsor more children with each successful year.  

A huge thank you goes out to all of Leopards & Roses’ customers who contributed to the program through their business support.