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Thrilled to Announce

Leopards and Roses are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Nepal Child Education Program, introducing six year old Prisha Sedhain. Prisha is attending St. Marry's School in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur which is the leading school in Nepal. The school year in Nepal runs April-March, allowing Prisha a fresh start into grade one. We wish her and the other sponsored children (Bishnu, Kripa & Aarita) of our Child Education Program the utmost success this year and into the years to come.   A huge thank you goes out to all of Leopards & Roses’ customers who have contributed to the Child Education Program through their business support through the years.

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Our Shining Stars -Child Education Program Update

From 2011-present Leopards and Roses have proudly sponsored the education for three very bright Nepalese children. The Child Education Program could not be possible without the continued support from all our wonderful customers throughout Canada, and Krishna, the person responsible for qualifying candidates and determining, together with Leopards & Roses, who receives sponsorship.  Bishnu, now fifteen years old is attending Little Buddhas' Academy (Swayambhu, Kathmandu) and excelling in grade eight, especially subjects science and history. Pictured here with his mother just beaming with pride. Kripa, now eleven years old is flourishing in grade seven at The Excelsior School in Kathmandu. All school's are taught in the English language, which funnily enough Kripa prefers to her mouther tongue. Aarita, now seven years old is thriving in grade four at...

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